Izzy Dempsey is a lifestyle photographer based in Berlin, and travels worldwide. Her style cannot be defined by a specific genre, yet her approach can be. First and foremost, Izzy strives to connect with her clients, so that in return, she can capture their request or story in a transparent and unique way that will communicate something of depth to the viewers.

Building this relationship and connection is not only fundamental to Izzy’s art, but fundamental to how she lives her life. Izzy seeks out people’s passion, love, heartache, or - anything that represents who they are and what they invest themselves into. She is a strong believer that this is what life is about. Learning and sharing with one another in what makes us “us”, beyond the surface level.

Through Izzy’s extensive experience with photography and ability to connect with people in a genuine way, she will capture an image with light and composition that conveys something beautiful and honest. Whether that is through a lifestyle family session, capturing the passion of a small business, or photographing the essence of an individual through a portrait session, she is honoured to have the opportunity to give you something that is much more than just a pretty photo. Izzy will provide something that is true to you.


+49 157 810 94043

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