Izzy Dempsey Photography

Photo taken by Madalena www.sambajoy.com

I am a photographer based in Berlin, and travel worldwide, with bookings still available in my hometown - Halifax, Nova Scotia. I specialize in portraiture and lifestyle photography. I strive to connect with my clients, while capturing emotion and life in everything I shoot. It is not so much about what I like to shoot, but more about how I like to shoot - I approach my photography from a personal perspective that always draws from connection and capturing a story.

I picked up my first camera at the age of 11, when I came across it next to a large garbage bin while walking around during my sister's soccer game. Little did I know, this would turn into a lifelong relationship with my camera, a passion for photography, and starting my own business at the early age of sixteen. 

After a difficult chapter in my life recently ended when my father passed away after four years of illness, I have become increasingly grateful for the lessons it has taught me, and for the awareness of the gift of life it has given me. My father was my go-to-buddy, my creative companion, and inspiration. Witnessing the transition from life to death of someone so precious to me, has shined a light on the things that really matter in the big picture. 

What really matters in life? The things that make up our days - that are often seen as "mundane". The daily routines, moments, and connections. The real life. Not the posed, formal, or curated one. The messy, honest, and beautiful life. With these beliefs in mind, I apply it to how I approach my photography and business. 

It is important for me to connect with my clients and learn more about who they are and what they are looking for so that I can capture something true and honest about their lives or what they want to convey. Whether that is through a lifestyle family session, capturing the passion of a small business, or photographing the essence of an individual through a portrait session, I feel honoured to have the opportunity to give you something that is much more than just a pretty photo. I will provide you with something that is true to you. Something that you can look at years from now and feel connected to that time of your life. 

Want to chat more? Great! I would love to hear from you! 

Send me an email at dempsey.izzy@gmail.com


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