Your visual language

Photography has the ability to communicate without words. To give viewers a grasp of an experience, story, or a feeling that can be felt.

It can captivate, encourage curiosity, and build trust with an audience.

My mission is to support clients in finding and creating their own unique visual language, and then communicating it through beautiful story telling photography. 

Below I invite you to explore some of the projects I have had the chance to capture.

In 2019 I had the opportunity to work with, capturing images of various establishments (restaurants, cafes, bars, entertainment) for their Berlin tourism guide. Following the years of the pandemic, in the fall of 2022, I continued on a new project with them. This time: photographing over 70 U-Bahn stations in Berlin, as well as the surrounding areas of each. These images showcase and communicate the many different areas, vibes, and possibilities of the city, as well as the diversity in culture and people.


Villa Ramila

Nestled in a small village, just a 30 minute drive away from the big city of Marrakech, lays the home rental, called Villa Ramila. Self built and designed by the owner himself,  this place offers everything that tourists and locals alike could imagine to unwind. 


Stranger Things, Netflix, Kraftwerk Berlin.

Installation by Carolin Ruggaber, for the opening party of Stranger things.


Zwischen Erde Und Himmel 

Installation by Bruna Mayer, in 2021-2022. Based on the idea of life beginning with death, I documented the process over multiple months of  the growth, changes, and then, the diminishing of the living microorganisms during this time.

B R U N A M A Y E R - Zwischen Erde und Himmel


Free Now Taxi

Editorial and advertising shoot for FREE NOW taxi, for their logo branding of six vintage cars. The cars were driven around Berlin only for three days, and the images were taken to promote the special offer that customers could win a chance to drive in them during this time. 


Lime Scooter

Over the course of a few years, I was contracted to capture various events, promo’s, and advertising campaigns for Lime Scooter in Berlin. Documenting the gatherings, events, learning about mobility and environmental issues, and how to grow as a start-up, to early morning shoots, capturing the Scooters at the Brandenburg Tor gate.


V_podhuri loft

Windy roads through the mountains from Berlin to Ostrov, Czech, is the accommodation, Loft v podhůří. An idea that was created, and followed through by Michaela and Jan, to use the “attic” of their mother’s home, and create something beautiful out of it. Their loft is aimed at young couples, and children, and a space to come to relax. The goal was to create images that told just that, the experience and feeling one can have when visiting the loft for a few days. To show the bright, energizing, and warm atmosphere, alongside the little details and touches that they have put into it.

Loft v podhůří Krušných hor 


Ava Berlin 

Content and branding images for Janina & Engin at Friseursalon AVA, Berlin. We started our first session together, with the aim to document the client experience. Following this session, we continued by capturing the space of their new salon in Kreuzberg as well as team portraits, showcasing not only the face's of the team, but capturing the essence of their personalities. 

AVA Friseursalon Berlin (


Soul Y Yoga

Soul Y Yoga is organized and led by Flo, someone with a gift not only to create space for all, regardless of colour or gender, but also to make them feel seen and cared for. She wanted to capture the experience of the community coming together, and the safe and welcoming environment that she provides within her home. Therefore, on an early morning, when the sun was shining, we decided to capture exactly just that. 


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